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Thanks to social media and technology, we are more connected to one another digitally than we have ever been before. However, along with an increase in technological connection, there has been a major decrease in face-to-face time. Texting and emailing has become such a primary form of communication, that many of us are losing the […]


According to anthropology professsor Helen Fisher, there are three stages of love: lust, attraction, and attachment. With these different stages, come the release of different neurochemicals and activations of different body and brain systems.  Lust is a hormone-driven phase of love – where testosterone and estrogen drive desire and connection. In the attraction phase, norepinephrine; […]


“What should I do?” When it comes to difficult decisions, it’s a common question that many of us ask both ourselves and others. Whether it’s ending a relationship, starting a new job, signing a new lease, deciding to get married, have a baby, or make an investment – the question can be filled with doubt, […]

The Difference Between Couples Counseling and Discernment Counseling

Everyone at this point has probably heard of couples counseling and the positive effects it can have on a relationship. However, Discernment Counseling, a new type of couples counseling has a different objective. The objective of Discernment Counseling is for couples on the brink of divorce to make a definitive decision on how to proceed […]

3 Tips to Calm Anxiety:

We all struggle to stay calm and collected in our daily lives. Anxiety is a normal feeling, but when it becomes overactive, trying a few self-regulating techniques can help manage the feeling. Here are three simple tasks and ideas to keep your anxiety in check: Meditation A 2018 meta-analysis review published in the Journal of […]

How Paddle Boarding Can Teach Patience and Align Your Chakras

It was a beautiful warm morning on Lake WallenPaupack in Pennsylvania but the lake wasn’t very calm at all. It was a busy Memorial Day weekend and there were people already on their boats and jet ski’s flying around. I didn’t care as I just wanted to be on the water and on my board. As […]

What Defines “Family”?

It’s interesting how sometimes in life you come across stories that seem unreal, unlikely and even impossible in theory; for example, a person dating another person only to find out that this other person is actually their adopted biological sibling given up by the parents years before the other was born. Or, two sets of […]

SAD times in the City

  Winter can be hard on all of us. The dropping temperatures, frigid winds, and snow banks that grow into sidewalk trash magnets. How can something so seemingly random as the latitude of NYC (~41°N) have such a big impact on my mood? Well without delving into the finer points of orbital mechanics, and our […]

Navigating our Emotions during the Holidays

As we approach the various holidays of the season many of us find ourselves confronting some difficult territory ranging from introspective thoughts about the year’s end to inescapable family dynamics. With all that in mind, here are a few suggestions for maintaining your mental health during the season. -Be kind to yourself. It can be […]