Welcome to a JOURNEY where your emotions

open an opportunity for GROWTH

Nothing will work unless YOU do.

- Maya Angelou

Have you been waking up and dreading the day ahead?

Do you feel lonely and lost around people in your life?

Do you feel stuck in your negative thoughts?

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Andrea Cornell, Marriage and Family Therapy P.C


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We know that asking for help is a difficult step! Our team brings years of experience into work as holistic therapists. Andrea Cornell, the Founder of our practice is licensed in New York and California as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

We whole heartedly believe in the power of therapy through your emotions and thoughts, and your body’s wisdom. We see our role as a guide who creates an open space to identify and challenge the parts of yourself that are consciously and unconsciously acting.

Together, we can find out more about what you need to heal and move forward.


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Andrea is a thoughtful, smart and insightful clinician. I have always had positive feedback from patients when I have used her as a referral source. I recommend her highly. – Kathleen Maher, LCSW

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Andrea is a warm and inviting therapist. She is patient, kind, and yet very challenging with her patients. Her mindfulness and grounding techniques are of incredible value when working with anxieties, trauma, and personality disorders. – Jill Lewis, MA, LCSW, PC

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My whole life I’ve felt emotionally handicap, always had issues with relationships (family, friends, work, romantic,…) and simply put felt unskilled and weak. One day I decided I don’t want to live my life feeling like this anymore, I never want to come back here again. I started seeing Andrea and she helped peel back the layers of the origins, motivation and patterns of my behavior and my reactions. Andrea really helped me to unlearn some bad habits and adopt new ways of dealing with situations. Today I am a new person, emotionally healthy, stable and happy and confident in how to respond and interact with situations that previously I would have felt immobilized by.  – A.G.

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